Cruise Roll Call 101 – Why You Should Join

If you have ever cruised, or looked into cruising, you may have heard of a cruise roll call.

When we first cruised, I didn’t know what on Earth a cruise roll call was, let alone why I would want to participate in one!

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What is a Cruise Roll Call

Roll calls have changed through the years with the changes in technology and opportunities on the Internet. Now with just a few clicks you can join a group of others traveling on the same ship when you are (more about how to do that later).

But what is a cruise roll call exactly? A roll call is a way for you to chat with fellow passengers that will be experiencing the same cruise you are. It’s a way to ask questions (ex. Has anyone been to the Bahamas before?) or get help (ex. Our luggage tags won’t print, anyone have any tips?) and of course share opinions (ex. I’ve stayed at the hotel closest to the port before and the parking is super expensive. I prefer the Hilton two blocks away). It is also a way to coordinate tours, meetups and more if you would like. Your level of participation is up to you!

Why Should I Join a Roll Call

The main reason for a roll call is CONNECTION. As humans, we are wired to crave connections with others. Introverts, stay with me! The nice thing about a roll call is that it doesn’t mean (like I initially thought) that you are going to have to eat, drink and take excursions with the people you meet at roll call. Like I said, the amount of connection you make is up to you!

A cruise, especially if you have never been on one before, can seem overwhelming to plan. Connecting with others going through the same process that you are, can offer a lot of comfort before getting on that big ship. And dare I say it can also be fun! Also, by exchanging information, especially about cruise ports, you may find tips that help you save money. Remember, however, that like anything else, there are many different personalities, perspectives and expectations involved. That leads us to…

My Roll Call Rules

  1. Do share your knowledge with the group and have fun planning and getting to know everyone.
  2. Do not take something someone said as fact until you get a confirmation from at least one other source. For instance, if Bob posts that your cruise line is now requiring Covid boosters before the trip, make sure you confirm that with the cruise line or your travel agent.
  3. Do not succumb to pressure! If a roll call member posts about an excursion they are planning and they are looking for more people to join them, only do so if it is really what you want to do. It is not up to you to fill their group! This is your vacation, no one else’s.

Ok, you are ready to join your roll call. Now what?

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    Where to Find Your Roll Call

    Cruise Criticwww.cruisecritic.com – Click on Boards in the top right corner. Then in the menu, under Forums, click Find Your Roll Call. Next just scroll down until you find your cruiseline. Note: You must be a registered member of Cruise Critic to participate in the roll call boards. It’s free!

    Facebook www.facebook.com – Of course by now we all know Facebook! You do need to join Facebook to participate in a roll call. To find your roll call, simply type something like “July 2 Holland America Baltic” or “August Princess Alaska cruise” to sort through your options. There may even be more than one created for your trip – I usually go with the one that looks like it has the most members and activity.

    Cruiseline https://cruiseline.com/rollcall – Choose your cruise line, ship and date. Cruiseline also has an app called Shipmate. I have found this to be the least interactive of all the roll call sites but maybe you will have more luck!

    So, that concludes your Cruise Roll Call 101! I hope this was helpful.

    If you have questions about roll calls or fun roll call experiences to share, please comment below!

    Now go see something! 🧳

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