Why Our Family Cruises and Yours Should To

Here it is. My big admission. For a long time, I didn’t think cruising was right for our family. There, I said it.


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My husband and I cruised before our son came along and then we stopped. Why? A few reasons…the biggest was that I figured the only cruise that would be good for our family was a Caribbean cruise and my hubby and I don’t exactly love hot weather. The thought of sitting by the pool with hundreds of kids worrying about what my kiddo was doing while sweating and worrying about sunburn didn’t seem fun to me.

Now don’t worry, we DID travel. Planes, trains and automobiles in places throughout the U.S. But what I longed to do again was travel to Europe. So, we planned, and then decided maybe he was too young. And then we planned again and thanks Covid for stepping in on that one. But I never considered a European cruise. I thought 1) too expensive and 2) not enough time in ports to really immerse ourselves in a new place.

What Changed

Then, thanks to Covid (in a good way this time) I reconsidered. The prices were GOOD coming out of Covid. They wanted to get people on those ships again. And honestly there were a lot of unknowns at the time about who required what testing or vaccinations and I thought ok, I’ll let the ship folks worry about that. Then for my final argument, time in ports, I thought perhaps we could look at this as a sampler for our teen so he can dip his toes in the water of traveling Europe and hopefully ignite the want / need to go back.

Hello Happy Cruisers

This all lead to an amazing, Mediterranean cruise. What I didn’t think about in advance but was so thrilled about once on board was what this would mean for our only child. Instead of just traveling around with us, he was on a ship where other teens were also stuck with their parents. Instant bonds emerged on day one – dining together, playing basketball, hanging out in the pool. Suddenly, we started reaping the rewards as well – we had dinners alone as a couple, time to recharge, and had fun watching our teen show some maturity with the bit of free reign we gave him.

We all left that ship wishing we had more time on board and ready to book the next one! It was a trip like we had never had before. There was plenty of planning for me to do, but once on board there were so many things to do, there was never that “what are we gonna do now” moment. Better yet, it did ignite that fire in our son to want to go back and see more, and we are! (More to come on that later)

I hope this was helpful to some of you on the fence about cruising, especially as a family. It has really opened up a world of possibilities for us now that we hadn’t considered before.

Questions about cruising? Have you had a fun family cruising experience? Please share below!

Now, go see something!

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